About Us

 I live in Colorado with my beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids. I grew up in North Central North Dakota about 50 miles from Canada and quickly developed a passion for the outdoors. Shooting, hunting, and fishing were always at the top of my to do list and this passion has only grown over the years. After dipping my toe in the airgun world over 10 years ago, I knew this was going to be a lifelong addiction. For years I have enjoyed helping others get into air gunning and after creating a YouTube channel it became more apparent that a career with airguns might be a real possibility so here we are. Airgun Outdoors is a passion of mine to share the amazing world of airguns with you. I am here to help with sales, tuning, service, or just answering any questions that may arise. So, let's see where this thing goes, I am very excited to take this journey with the air gunning community.

God bless!

Travis Peacock